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Last Updated 02/28/17 – 9:15pm

Brewery Beer Name Style ABV
 Brew Bus Brewing  Rollin’ Dirty  Irish-style Red Ale  5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Last Stop  IPA  7.2%
 Brew Bus Brewing  You’re My Boy, Blue  Blueberry Wheat Ale  5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Double Decker  English-style Porter  6.5%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Passion of the Heights  Hibiscus-spiced American Wheat Ale  4.7%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Wrong Way  Citra Pale Ale  5.5%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Florida Avenue Ale  American Wheat Ale  4.7%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Breakfast at Vinny’s  Breakfast Stout with Coffee & Cacao  5%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Stormin’ Norman  American Dark Lager  6.3%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Florida Avenue Brown Ale  English-style Brown Ale  5.8%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Hazelnut Spread Porter  Porter with Hazelnut, Cacao Nibs, and Vanilla  6.5%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Florida Avenue IPA  English-style IPA  5.6%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Basil Exposition  Strawberry Basil Wheat Ale  4.7%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Brown Baggin’ It  Peanut Butter & Raspberry Brown Ale  5.8%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Asian-style Lager  Pale Lager brewed with Rice  4.8%
 Brew Bus Brewing  East Meets West  Mandarin-spiced Red Ale  5%
 Cigar City Brewpub Spider Wars Session IPA  4.3%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Lime Planes & Automobiles  Berliner Weisse with Lime  4.7%
 Cigar City Cider & Mead  Hard Apple Cider  Apple Cider  5.5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Double Decker Nitro  English-style Porter  5%

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