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Last Updated 4/29/17 – 4:50pm

Brewery Beer Name Style ABV
 Brew Bus Brewing  Rollin’ Dirty  Irish-style Red Ale  5.0%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Last Stop  IPA  7.2%
 Brew Bus Brewing  You’re My Boy, Blue!  Blueberry Wheat Ale  5.0%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Hazelnut Spread  Porter with Hazelnuts and Vanilla  6.5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Are Wheat There Yet?  Hoppy American Wheat Ale  5.5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Juicy Sloot #2  New England Style DIPA  8.0%
 Brew Bus Brewing  First Thing  Coffee IPA  7.2%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Heaven’s Fence India Session Ale with Kumquats  4.5%
Brew Bus Brewing  Torsion  Double Nut Brown Ale  8.2%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Barrel Aged No Right on Red  Imperial Red Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels  9.7%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co. Mixed Berry Berliner Weisse Traditional Berliner Weissee brewed with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries  4.1%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Barrel Aged Curb Check  Imperial Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels  11.5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Barrel Aged Curb Check with Coffee  Imperial Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels with Buddy Brew Coffee  11.5%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co  Creme de Cacao Milk Stout Milk Stout with Lactose and Chocolate  7.1%
 Brew Bus Brewing Vanilla Rollin’ Dirty  Irish-style red ale with vanilla  5.0%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co. Florida Avenue Ale  American Wheat Ale with Lemon Zest  4.7%
 Florida Avenue Brewing Co.  Florida Avenue IPA  American IPA  5.6%
Brew Bus Brewing  Tummy Sticks Pickled Gose  4.1%
 Cigar City Cider & Mead  Hard Apple Cider  Apple Cider  5.5%
 Brew Bus Brewing  Heaven’s Fence  India Session Ale with Kumquats  4.5%

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