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Pass on the Ordinary Beer Bar & Visit Brew Bus Brewing’s Craft Beer Tasting Room in Tampa

Beer Bar TampaWhy would you visit a craft beer bar when you can go straight to the source? At Brew Bus Brewing’s modern tasting room in Tampa, you can enjoy award-winning craft beer from our 20 rotating taps that are only a few feet away from the brew kettles that produced the beers that flow out of them daily. We’ve been producing award-winning craft beer since 2012 and we offer a wide variety of choices. That way, everyone in your group can find something that appeals to them, whether they are a craft beer novice or aficionado.

Our nightly options include:

  • Award-winning year-round offerings such as Last Stop IPA and You’re My Boy, Blue! Blueberry Wheat Ale
  • Popular special releases including Curb Check Imperial Porter, Wrong Way Pale Ale, Hazelnut Spread Porter, and Juicy Sloot Double IPA
  • Our latest barrel-aged offerings, which can pack a stronger punch than many of our other beers
  • Guest taps that feature options from some of our favorite local and national craft breweries

Another factor that makes Brew Bus Brewing an appealing choice when compared to a regular beer bar is the fact that we offer our beers in bottles and cans to go, allowing you to enjoy your favorites later from the comfort of your home.

The next time you’re out in the Tampa area and you want to enjoy some delicious craft beer, keep driving past the local beer bar and give Brew Bus Brewing a try instead.

You must be 21 years old to ride the bus.